AI For Your Website

Meet EZR our Artificial Intelligent Car-Buying Assistant

EZR is available for your dealership website

EZR knows thousands of phrases and has over 120 built-in functions

EZR AI is easily added to your Dealership Website

  • Our AI is added to your Dealership website with just two lines of provided code.
  • All of the Landing-Page AI features are included in the website AI
  • The AI automatically determines what vehicle is being veiwed and sets itself to that vehicle for questions and functions
  • On your website the AI prompts the user for their name and phone number
  • Your CRM receives an ADF formatted email with every lead name, phone number, and vehicle veiwed – only once per vehicle
  • Easy-to-use buttons are provided in the AI
  • The AI starts-up open on computers and closed on mobile devices
  • Our AI learns the URL of every vehicle as they are viewed – by anyone – and provides the vehicle website link in search results.

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