Manage Porters

How to register your Porters for programming EZR vehicle QR Labels

How to Request Porter Labelling Reports

NOTE: Automatically produced QR labels, such as those from HomeNet and Netlook do NOT need to be programmed. They are automatically generated “pre-programmed” by the EZR AI and sent to HomeNet and Netlook.

Step 1 – Sign-in

Go to

The EZR Manage tool will open and it will ask you for your name and phone number.

Step 2 – Show Porters

By clicking on “Show Porters” you can see which of your Porters currently have EZR access for programming labels.

The EZR Manage Tool automatically tracks which Porters are in your LSP company and displays them.

Step 3 – Add Porter

To add a porter click on the “Add Porters” button.

A porter will have the ability to program vehicle QR Labels within 15 minutes of being added.

Step 4 – Remove Porter

To remove a porter’s EZR access, click on the “Remove Porters” button.

EZR Manage will prompt you for the Porters phone number. Enter their mobile phone number.

Request Reports

Go to

Request report by:

Date Range

Porter – All or specific porter

Dealership – All or specifc dealership

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