Optimized real estate sales.

SMS lead generation.

Sell more homes, more simply.

Engage Seamlessly

With a quick and easy text, prospective buyers receive information on a property they are interested in

Reduce Friction

A link to a property a web page, virtual tour, lead form, or any info is delivered to their phone in seconds

Targeted Lead Gen

You’re notified with prospects’ contact info and the property they viewed, making follow-up targeted


Capture and engage prospective home buyers early in the sales process without physical contact

Capture more quality leads

Custom SMS codes

Custom Short Codes are
assigned to each property and can be added to any marketing collateral

24/7 engagement

Prospects simply text to view your link featuring photos, videos, virtual 360 tours, etc. at any time 

Higher conversion

A faster, simplified customer experience means better results and more sales for brokers and agents

Engaging prospects has never been easier.

Drive sales and engagement

Unique property landing pages

Simple SMS short codes

Info delivered in seconds

Simple & user friendly

More leads & contacts

How it Works

Capture leads via SMS

Prospects text your custom SMS keywords for property info

Custom short codes are assigned to each property

A simple text to our platform at 28553 provides an instant custom link

Prospects receive information easily and directly to their phones

More Details

Brokerages and professionals alike will benefit immensely from staying at the forefront of today’s fast-paced digital economy.

Deliver property-specific info

Passively gather leads while you inform potential buyers

Highlight property photos, videos, virtual tours and bookings

Provide links to download brochures, contracts, and any other information

Drive traffic from any marketing channel with a custom code

More Details

Real estate professionals can quickly and inexpensively test the performance of various advertising and marketing channels with their customizable keywords.

Instant lead notifications

Receive immediate notification of prospect engagement

We capture the phone number of prospective buyers

Receive immediate notification of interest via SMS or email

Quickly & inexpensively test the performance of marketing channels

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EZR Realtor is a highly-flexible, helping to passively gather leads and engage potential buyers without added friction

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