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EZR Auto Features

Serve your customers 24/7 on the lot and on the internet

Never Lose a Lead – all leads sent to CRM – from onsite and website

QR Label based self-service

Customers receive:

  • Car Info & pictures
  • CarFax,
  • Share with a friend
  • Similar new and used vehicles
  • Artificial Intelligence Car-Buying Assistant
  • Interactive Payment Calculator
  • 80+ car questions answered
  • Setup test drives
  • Get all vehicle options
  • Search for vehicles by year, make, model, color, new/used, price, body type
  • Get a Nationwide shipping quote in 7 seconds
  • Contact sales
  • Get Finance and trade-in forms
  • Even tells car jokes
  • And much, much more

Put your customers in the driver’s seat

Customer’s scan our QR Labels

QR labels are automatically generated on Homenet and Netlook window stickers

QR Labels can be programmed with our mobile app

A text is generated for the customer to send to EZR

We send back their customeized link to the vehicle’s landing-page

Scan QR labels for our Mobile Apps

Easy to use Landing Page

All Leads Emailed to Dealership’s CRM

All lead’s emailed immediately – 24/7

Lead information includes, phone number, date, time, vehicle of interest

Reverse phone number lookup is available for an additional fee

Emails meet Automotive Descriptive Format (ADF) version 1.0.

Easily Manage Porters

Request Custom Reports

Reports selected by:

Date Range

Porter – All or specific porter

Dealer – All or specific dealer


Onboarding form is to be filled out with dealership participation.

Onboarding includes permissions request for inventory feeds.

Internal Onboarding

Internal Onboarding gathers additional dealership information.

Internal Onboarding form filled out by LSP or EZR personal

Ordering Labels

Manually programmed labels can be easily ordered from the website

Questions & Comments

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