QR Label Programming


Download the EZRMobile-Dealer mobile app from either the Google Play or Apple iOS app store.

Click-on or Scan either QR Label to download the EZRMobile-Dealer programming App

You must be an added porter for the app to work – See how to add porters below.

Adding/Authorizing Porters

  1. Managers are authorized by EZR Auto
  2. Managers can use the EZR Manage Tool to add/delete/see their authorized Porters
  3. Porters are added by name and mobile phone number
  4. Within 20 minutes of being added, Porters can use the Programming App
Scan or click on the QR Label to open the EZR Manage Tool webapp

To Program a Vehicle’s QR Label

  1. Adhere a QR Label to the vehicle
  2. Open the EZRMobile-Dealer app
  3. Press the Scan QR Label button
  4. Point the phone’s camera at the QR label – the app will automatically scan the label
  5. Enter the last eight (8) digits of the vehicle’s VIN
  6. Hit send and the app will display a confirmation notice
  7. NOTE: You must have internet service on your mobile device to program QR Labels

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